Help request: Editing Masks

Dik Takken D.H.J.Takken at
Sat Jul 28 21:45:17 CEST 2007

On Sat, 28 Jul 2007, Bart Coppens wrote:

> Sorry, but I cannot reproduce this. If I paint with white, the bottom layer is
> part is hidden, and the top layer is shown. This is very weird :-/

I found out what was going on. I did not realise that a mask works only on 
the layer it belongs to. I just figured that out a few minutes ago. In my 
mind, the layer stack is like a stack of transparancies: If you insert a 
mask anywhere in the stack, the masked areas will obscure these areas in 
all layers below it. In Krita it works differently (counter-intuitive 
IMHO. I'd rather see masks as a seperate type of layer).

Now that I understand this little detail, I'm stuck with a new problem. I 
duplicated the photograph to a second layer, and used the duplicate to 
create a mask/selection of the edges in the photograph. Next I want to 
apply unsharp masking in the selected areas. But... The unsharp mask 
should be applied to the original layer, not to the duplicate.

So, how can I duplicate a selection or a mask to another layer?

Thanks again,


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