Irregular Status Update

Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Thu Apr 26 20:37:32 CEST 2007

Probably the last one before Cyrille and I leave for the LGM in Montreal.

Anyway, lots of great progress since the last update! 

* Adrian Page fixed the opengl canvas, bugs in the qpainter canvas, ported 
large chunks of krita to KConfigGroup (are there places that still need to be 
done?). Yay for Adrian! Adrian also brought back the polygon tool, made the 
crop tool cool by using a dark gray mask

* Emanuele fixed the preview in the filter dialogs. (We still want on-canvas 
fast preview but that's probably going to be 2.1 or later -- there's so much 
work still to be done.) He also uncovered a bug I introduced when 
d-pointerifying KisPaintDevice.

* I extracted the KoDocumentSectionModel from KisLayer and created a separate 
KisLayerModel, which is much more cleaner & in accordance with received Qt 
Model-View architecture wisdom. We also do it the same way as Karbon now and 
set a good example for KWord and KoPageApp. However, in the course of this 
complicated operations, regressions have appeared. It also turns out that 
Illisius (Gabor) never implemented drag & drop in the layerbox -- that's 
another todo. I also codes some speedups for our qpainter canvas. On 
XRender-capable machines everything works very nicely now, if there's no 
XRender, Krita performance sucks.

* Cyrille Berger has worked on the panorama plugin for the 1.6 branch and 
fixed a couple of my regressions in the layer model. Cyrille moved the 
bracketing2hdr plugin to trunk -- this'll be really cool once we can show hdr 
images again.

* Bart Coppens fixed a crasher -- his first commit in ages! Yay, too.

* Casper reworked the zoombar code -- this now offers pixel-for-pixel 
resolution independent zooming.

* Sven Langkamp addeda measure tool.



* I am leaving the layerbox for Cyrille. It's after code produced under his 
mentorship and he understands it better than me :-)

* I'm working on implementing the selection/mask model. That's got absolute 
priority, and I can continue with it now that the model is extracted from the 
grouplayer. Of secondary interest are the per-channel convolution filter, 
per-channel composition (it should work already) and making paint work with 
the per-channel composition api. Of tertiary interest is my threaded filter 
applicator. In fact, I'm going to leave that be for a while until Benjamin 
Schleimer moves his development to trunk -- he can help me with that!

* Thrain is in bug-fix mode until his SoC really takes off. I believe his 
current project is making the shapes in a flake layer selectable again.

* Cyrille is also working on speed improvements in the qpainter canvas

* Sven is busy with fast and reliable selection visualisations already.

Anybody else who wants to share what they are busy with?
Boudewijn Rempt

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