Graphire, opensuse10.2, support?

David Herman mesamoo115 at
Sat Apr 7 06:51:19 CEST 2007

I realize this is mainly a developers list but perhaps someone can 
help me.

I know that I have read mail here about graphire tablets working in 
krita, and know about the tablet preferences tab in settings but 
I've had no luck. 
In my case the tablet settings dialog is empty. And the pen 
functions as a mouse (no pressure support)

From googling around I've found limited info but one link suggested 
that graphire tablets were not working on suse10.2/krita.

Is this the case or have I missed something.

Additional info
OpenSuse10.2, X86_84 (core2duo), 4gb ram
kernel kvm SMP PREEMPT
xorg 7.2 with entries for the graphire pen, eraser and tablet.
(can post entries if desired)

Thanks for your help
Happy Easter

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