New Icons

krita at krita at
Mon Sep 18 17:06:53 CEST 2006

>> I think we should use these icons now, and treat these problems as bugs,
>> i.e, fix them before beta1.
> tomorrow is rc1... which means that we can't really change them latter, plus
> each time we change icons documentation screenshots need to be updated, but I
> think I can apply them, and create the perspective transform myself from the
> transform icon, and we will see for the filter icon later, anyway some people
> allready had trouble with our current icon.

Filtre of effect is a very abstract notion! Hard to put in image...
My proposition was a tool use to spread out charcoal (but most artists 
use their
I can make something else: the nasty finger (like the gimp one), a sponge or a
simple FX in a cicle (like the one I have done in this concept art, Layers
What do you think?

About the perspective stuff, the tool don't work at all on my computer (fresh
ubuntu 6.06 with 1.6beta1). The Perspective Transform Tool make my layer goes
It's a bit more difficult to do icons if I can't play with the tool.

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