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Torsten Rahn (KDE) wrote on 2006-09-05 14:38 +0200 regarding Re: new icones:
> On Tuesday, 5. September 2006 13:48, Casper Boemann wrote:
> > What I just wanted to say is that doing a change now into 1.6 and changing
> > again in 2.0 is not very consistant. We should not do this without
> > consideration.
> Better toolbar icons are definetely an important issue that shouldn't be 
> postponed as good looks is especially important for an application that tries 
> to advertise to graphics designers & artists. Our target users are really 
> picky about the looks of an application they are using. They simply won't 
> like to use it unless the appearance doesn't look as professional as the 
> functionality behind. 
> The toolbar icons that we currently have are an improvement over the previous 
> ones, but they are still severiously lacking compared to the ones that have 
> been posted a few days ago.
> My bet is that 2.0 will be about a year after 1.6, so that's a pretty long 
> time. And given that the icon metaphors will still be identical I don't see 
> any problem there either.
> If this was about the application icon I would agree with you, that changing 
> it too often is a valid concern. However with toolbar icons this isn't as 
> much of a problem - especially taking the quality improvement into account. 
> Torsten

Oh... And if we don't take the new icons, then I'd still like to have a proper
Bezier selection icon (it's currently the same as the Bezier drawing icon).
And Thomas' remark about reordering the toolbar still holds for me as well.

(How lovely, all those requests between string and doc freeze. :P)

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