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Leonardo Giordani leonardo.giordani at
Fri Mar 31 16:17:18 CEST 2006

> I see what you mean -- it's not quite the same as what I thought, but it's
> a better idea. I'll try to come up with some code and an architecture that
> will allow this this weekend.

Wow, you are Alladin's lamp: I ask and you code it. Well... I want... Krita 
3.0 for next week... is it too much time? :-)

This weekend I will code a bit my watercolors: I have already implemented the 
Kubelka-Munk reflectance model and the layer composing functions. I'm working 
on fromQColor and toQColor. Because fo them I started implementing a paper 
model: when you paint a watercolor its reflectance and trasmittance compose 
with the underlying layers, that is paper, at least; so I need reflectance 
and trasmittance of paper or its KM parameters.

I wanted to quickly reach a condition in which I can paint something, even 
only black, from there I can play with optical composing and friends. Sadly 
now Krita crashes just after selecting my colorspace and clicking Create; but 
some methods are missing, so it is an expected crash.

Is there a minimal set of methods a colorspace must define to be usable? For 
example if I want to paint in plain black and nothing more, what methods must 
I define?



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