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Leonardo Giordani leonardo.giordani at treuropa.com
Tue Mar 7 11:51:01 CET 2006

> The best way to get started is to hack on something. If, for instance,
> you'd like to work on a spectral colorspace (let's say, 20 or so sampled
> frequency bands (if that's the right word)), then that should be very
> possible. A fun thing to do is a dynamic brush plugin -- one that takes
> input from several parameters and does proper brush hair deformation
> modelling. There are lots of papers around about both issues; and it should
> be fairly straightforward to hack an implementation that works in Krita.
> Getting it optimized is harder.

Both topics are interesting: do you alredy know where to find papers/infos 
about them? If not I can ask Google.


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