Layers, masks, and selections

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Tue Mar 7 07:42:37 CET 2006

On Tuesday 07 March 2006 02:29, Gary Cramblitt wrote:
> I've been playing a bit with Krita and can't seem to find the functionality
> I'm looking for.
> First, how to create a mask of a selection, i.e., a B&W mask of the
> selection? Answer: Create a drop shadow with offset of 0 and blur of 0.

Well, that's a hack-around, really.

> How to turn such a mask back into a selection.? Answer: Make the layer
> active and use the "Select a contiguous area tool".
> What I can't seem to find is how to apply the selection to another layer.
> Note, I don't want to copy the contents of the image selection, I want to
> copy the defined selection to another layer so I can apply a filter (or
> whatever) to that selection, but on another layer.  Stated another way, how
> can I use one layer to define the selection on another layer?    Hope this
> makes sense.

Makes sense -- but I never realized this was useful so it isn't 
implemented :-(. It's already on the todo for 1.5.

> I don't have a specific project in mind.  I'm recalling some of the
> capabilities that were in Fractal Painter.  As I recall, it was very useful
> when working with an image containing multiple parts (subjects) to be able
> to create a bunch of selection masks and keep them around.  Then, when you
> wanted to apply a filter or paint operation on only one part or subject,
> you could use the saved masks to help you.  This was especially helpful
> after spending an hour or more creating a very fine selection mask around a
> subject.  You could save your hard work and then play with the image
> without fear of having to redo all your hard selection work.
> Painter had another mask feature that was very useful.  You could toggle a
> layer so that only the selection mask is visible (B&W), then "paint" on the
> mask to alter it.  That can be simulated using the drop shadow trick,
> except I don't see a way to apply the modified selection mask back onto the
> layer it came from.

You can paint directly on the selection itself with Krita. Krita's selections 
are more like masks, actually.

> Separate question: What does the "Sample merged" checkbox on the Contiguous
> Area Selection panel do?  Its mentioned in the selection tutorial, but not
> explained.

It samples the projection pixels -- i.e, the result of compositing all layers 
at the given point.

> BTW, might be useful if we started a Krita Tips & Tricks page on

Boudewijn Rempt
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