automatically naming adjustment layers now broken

Melchior FRANZ mfranz at
Sat Mar 4 09:46:21 CET 2006

* Sander Koning -- Saturday 04 March 2006 09:42:
> Melchior FRANZ wrote on 2006-03-03 19:15 +0100 regarding automatically naming adjustment layers now broken:
> > Arghhh ... someone destroyed that brand new feature today! Apparently,
> > void KisDlgAdjustmentLayer::slotNameChanged( const QString & text )
> > is now only called once 

Of course the bug description was nonsense. slotNameChanged is only called
if the slot was changed. What I really meant is that
KisDlgAdjustmentLayer::selectionHasChanged() is apparently no longer called.

> Imagine for example that I want to add an adjustment layer for an ageing effect,
> and select Brightness/Contrast. I rename the layer to something more
> understandable (eg "Ageing effect"), and then decide that I'd rather use the
> Color Adjustment filter. I select that one, and the auto-renaming makes that I
> have to set the custom name again.

That was not the case! As soon as you changed the name field, this was
no longer updated. Your fears are totally unjustified.


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