automatically naming adjustment layers now broken

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Sat Mar 4 09:42:47 CET 2006

Melchior FRANZ wrote on 2006-03-03 19:15 +0100 regarding automatically naming adjustment layers now broken:
> Arghhh ... someone destroyed that brand new feature today! Apparently,
> void KisDlgAdjustmentLayer::slotNameChanged( const QString & text )
> is now only called once at first filter selection, but on selecting
> a different filter it's not called any more, so the automatically
> given name isn't updated.

I noticed the same yesterday while showing off with adjustment layer fun.
Actually, I don't think that automatically renaming an adjustment layer to match
the newly selected filter would be a nice solution. 

Imagine for example that I want to add an adjustment layer for an ageing effect,
and select Brightness/Contrast. I rename the layer to something more
understandable (eg "Ageing effect"), and then decide that I'd rather use the
Color Adjustment filter. I select that one, and the auto-renaming makes that I
have to set the custom name again.

Proposal: to auto-name an adjustment layer like normal layers are currently
named, i.e. with an autonumber: "Adjustment Layer 1", "Adjustment Layer 2", etc.
and to not update this name in the filter dialog box. If one wants a more
descriptive name, renaming is to be done anyway (regardless of whether we use
the name of the filter or an autonumbering), and the filter applied is already
listed in the popup that appears when hovering over the layer in the layerbox.

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