The future of selections and masks in Krita

Thomas Zander zander at
Tue Aug 1 15:05:53 CEST 2006

On Tuesday 1 August 2006 00:31, Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
> The thing is: a global
> selection is a weird thing. It is created (when using fancy tools such
> as select similar or foreground extraction) based on the pixels of the
> current layer; it acts on the current layer; which associates it to the
> user (my dad in this case, not one of the persona's, he's reasonably
> proficient, but makes this mistake every time) with a particular set of
> pixels. And then they change layers, but the selection now suddenly
> applies to this other set of pixels.

I stated this on IRC, but I'll state it here again for your benefit.
If a persona is not included in the application personas, he is not a 
target user.  Your father is probably not someone who will use a painting 
app professionally and quite a lot of the time, right?

Then he is not a target user and him not understanding it is irrelevant to 
the design of the application.

Maybe krita devs want to add a less proficient user to the list of 

Anyway; The example you bring up where things go wrong for your dad seems 
to be due to the way he creates a selection and he remembers where the 
selection came from and still uses it like that.
Moreover; your example shows that the real problem he has has nothing to 
do with selections (since he is not manipulating the selection, afterall) 
it has to do with the fact that changing layers will only alter that 
layer. And him not getting enough feedback to state that fact.
Thomas Zander
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