Pen-And-Ink illustration

BERGER Cyrille cberger at
Mon Apr 10 14:08:41 CEST 2006

What I want is visualize the "raw data" (the final image will be
obtained through a filter), and I have (currently) three channels :
tone, direction, texture. For each texture, I associate a color, and
then to represent the tone I will use the lightning of that color. And
finally I have to represent the direction, and I was thinking to draw
an arrow for the direction, but as I can't draw an arrow for each
pixel, I wanted to draw an arrow for a zone of 10x10 pixels. That's
why I wanted to have the coordinate. (but then I am thinking than
maybe there is a need for something else, because when you zoom at
800% you will need only one arrow for each pixel, so maybe we can come
up with something better)

Cyrille Berger

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