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Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Sun Sep 25 21:54:40 CEST 2005

Hi all! September is nearly over, and I think it's a good idea to check our 
progress towards the all singing and dancing Krita 1.5 release for which the 
feature freeze is December 12.

* Colorspacee independence 30%
        - finish 16-bit xyz colorspace as the fallback for the colorspaces
          with incomplete implemetations of the pixel processing functions
        - check all filters for use of rgb. Fix the gradient painter to stop
          is using QColor.
          Everyone should try and chip in here -- it's mostly easy work, 
          and it really important we have this right.
* Colormanagement (60%)
        - check pasting of qimages. Krita should ask for a profile.
        - check whitepoint/blackpoint
        - nice-to-have: out-of-gamut warning
        - nice-to-have: cmyk color slider
* Curves widget
        - anything else?
* Transform tool
        - when using the tool, transform the qimage, not the layer
        - on commit, transform the layer
        - fix any nasty bugs that are still left
        --> This tool is really broken at the moment!
* Color separation: 90%
        - Implement all the nice options in the dialog. This is mostly done.
* dcop & scripting
	- This doesn't look like a realistic goal, but perhaps Cyrille can reassure 
* Painterly features
        - run physics simulation in background with threads or times
          (essential! for these features)
        - fix paintops to include bidi color transfer and running-out-of-paint
        --> I'm not sure how far we'll go
* Tile manager
        - malloc cache
* User interface
        - fix zoom slider in overview
        - nice-to-have: add thumbnail navigation in bird's eyeview box (made a
          begin on this)
        - save & load palette positions (working on this)


113086   cra   NOR   Gen   boud at   UNCO  
    krita crashes when resizing certain image 
39305   wis   NOR   Com   boud at   ASSI      
	allowing removal of tabs to their own window 
90456   wis   NOR   uns   boud at   ASSI      
	unshown/hidden layer could be manipulated 
106730   wis   NOR   Com   boud at   ASSI      
	XCF import is limited 
107131   wis   NOR   Gen   boud at   ASSI      
	Make the zoom tool a drop-down widget 
107348   nor   NOR   Com   boud at   ASSI      
	Layerbox behaves badly when there are many layers 
108399   nor   NOR   uns   boud at   ASSI      
	Allow Esc button to cancel a running operation 
109971   cra   NOR   Com   boud at   ASSI      
	Crash trying to DND while krita is working 
110617   wis   NOR   Unl   boud at   ASSI      
	SIOX (Simple Interactive Object Extraction) for Krita 
112727   nor   NOR   uns   boud at   ASSI      
	If present, change the 'Orientation' meta data on rotatio... 
113107   wis   NOR   uns   boud at   ASSI      
	Better selection handling (marching ants please!)

Boudewijn Rempt
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