Leonard Rosenthol leonardr at lazerware.com
Mon Sep 19 03:00:46 CEST 2005

> And in the end, it's hardly going to be worth much, because we're
> basically limited to Photoshop 6. 
	Yes, that can be a problem for open source - but I don't have that
problem as I am a registered Adobe Developer and get that material...

	Admittedly though, most of the newer stuff isn't all that useful for
you in the short term.  First is just handling what was there in 4, 5, and

> And xcf is explicitly described by the Gimp developers as an unstable
> internal file format, not suitable for interchange. 

> I wonder what format could be used
> and garner strong support from all open source graphics apps.
	The idea of a new/open/common raster image file format comes up
every so often, and I know the GIMP folks keep going back and forth about
it...I don't know what the current story is, however.

	As a general answer, my opinion is TIFF and PNG are the two best

P.S. If you find something you need from TIFF - holler!

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