[Krita] Wishlist for Krita

Boudewijn Rempt boudewijn at tryllian.com
Fri Sep 9 10:58:57 CEST 2005

On Friday 09 September 2005 10:49, Olivier LAHAYE wrote:
> Hi,
> I hope I'm posting to the correct place for such a request.
> I have to wishes at the moment for Krita (which I find fabulous BTW)
> I realy don't like Geek Image Manipulation Program ;-)
> My wishes are:
> 1) could you add this type of color chooser
> http://www.gnome.org/~davyd/gnome-2-12/images/gtk-colour-wheel.png

That would be a nice colorchooser to add, indeed, although I'm not sure 
whether it would add much to the current hsv chooser. We have some other 
colorchoosers planned, like a cmyk chooser, a mixing palette and perhaps 
something like the Scribus colorchooser that helps selecting complementary 

> 2) 10 years ago I worked on a similar project called rainbow developped in
> Motif (this was par of my highscool end study and was designed to be sold
> but for some reasons the project died (military service, other team mate
> went away,difficulties to create a company in France, ...).)
> Krita has all functionalities we had developped at that time and even more,
> except 2 things I think realy innovative:
> a) mathematic textures (wood, marble, ... using raytracing fractal
> algorythms).
> b) (the most important): a super magic wand

Do you mean that you already have code that implements these features in 
Rainbow? Is that code free software so I can look at it?

<... snip ...>
> This gives realy wonderful results.

Sounds interesting, maybe related to the Gimp's new SIOX selection method for 
foreground objects.


> 3) splitting the window in 2 areas would be a cool idea

Already implemented: View/Split View

> 4) moving and zooming the picture with the middle mouse button would be
> realy cool (wheel would control the zoom and mmb press+move would scroll
> the picture) (same behaviour as qcad if you need examples).

I'd reverse those shortcuts, but for the rest, yes, zooming with scrollwheel 
is on the todo list.

> I wish I could help, unfortunately I've never programmed using C++ and my
> last C line of code was written 10 years ago :-(

Don't let that stop you: I didn't know any C++ when I started Krita either, 
and I hadn't ever coded more than hello world in C.

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