[Krita] Wishlist for Krita

Olivier LAHAYE Olivier.Lahaye at motorola.com
Fri Sep 9 10:49:25 CEST 2005


I hope I'm posting to the correct place for such a request.

I have to wishes at the moment for Krita (which I find fabulous BTW)
I realy don't like Geek Image Manipulation Program ;-)

My wishes are:

1) could you add this type of color chooser 

2) 10 years ago I worked on a similar project called rainbow developped in 
Motif (this was par of my highscool end study and was designed to be sold but 
for some reasons the project died (military service, other team mate went 
away,difficulties to create a company in France, ...).)

Krita has all functionalities we had developped at that time and even more, 
except 2 things I think realy innovative:

a) mathematic textures (wood, marble, ... using raytracing fractal 

b) (the most important): a super magic wand
Let me explain that using an example:
Let say you have a purple flower with a yellow center, and colors ranging from 
deep purple to white (due to solar saturation). around the flower, you have 
green (vegetation), blue (sky), dark white (clouds).
I whant to chan ge the color of the flower to full yellow.
If I use a classi magic wand(tool contiguous select), I will never be able to 
select colors from deep purple to white purple (even if I select a big 
The solution I've found when developping rainbow was to develop a super magic 
wand: you click on a point you hold down the left mouse button, you move the 
mouse all over the colors you want to select for the mask and you release the 
left mouse button. Then, the program creates a list of "contiguous colors" 
that are then used to create the mask. Of course, you can add a fussyness on 
the mouse way and a fuziness for each colors in the "contiguous color table".

This gives realy wonderfull results.
You can see an example of what mouse move could be done to select a pink 
flower without selecting anything else here:

Currently, this pink flower cannot be selected with the "contiguous colors" 
tool. My proposal is a sort of "multi contiguous colors" tool. something that 
would ressemble would be to CTRL+clik1+clik2+click3+... for mask selection 
with the advantage of avoiding small holes in the selection.

3) splitting the window in 2 areas would be a cool idea

4) moving and zooming the picture with the middle mouse button would be realy 
cool (wheel would control the zoom and mmb press+move would scroll the 
picture) (same behaviour as qcad if you need examples).

I wish I could help, unfortunately I've never programmed using C++ and my last 
C line of code was written 10 years ago :-(

Best regards.
	Olivier LAHAYE
	Motorola labs IT manager
	Saclay, FRANCE

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