Filters configuration

Cyrille Berger cberger at
Mon Oct 17 20:32:01 CEST 2005

> * Support an arbitrary number of named parameters with a large set of
> types.
> * We must be able to map between configuration parameters and a .ui 
> defined gui.
that's where I disagree, I don't want to write an ui file, I don't want to 
write the interface, it's a lost of time, most filters configuration widgets 
look like each others

> * Must be loaded and saved into and from an XML representation (for
> adjustment layers)
> * We must be able to separate the gui and the configuration if we want to
> make it possible to run Krita as a commandline application without a gui --
> which is something I'm already being asked about.
> * Make it as easy as possible to use the configuration object, preferably
> making it a blackbox.

then we should use kxconfig. but I wanted to have GUI to be build 
automaticaly, and kxconfig does'nt do it.
--- Cyrille Berger ---

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