Layer usuability idea

Mr YouP mr.youp at
Tue Nov 8 13:23:59 CET 2005

Le Lundi 07 Novembre 2005 17:20, Thomas Zander, dans son immense bonté, 
déclamait :
> On Monday 07 November 2005 16:30, Mr YouP wrote:
> > - activable by another way (switch button/shortcut...) in order to be
> > able to paint with this kind of display activated
> I would have a problem with this; I see no use case where it is usefull to
> have this permanently on screen.  To add this would additionally mean an
> extra mode of interaction.  I hate modes.
> All use cases I know of are covered by the 3 points I started my previous
> email with.  If you know of a use case that is different, please point it
> out so we can factor that into the equation.
Ok, I'll try to explain my issue. When I'm painting some precise details on 
the edge of a layer, sometime I need to make the curent layer to be magnified 
against the others (for example fade or colorise the other) to see precisly 
what I'm doing. With softs like gimp or photoshop, it leads me to create a 
"dummy" layer fill with a plain color (say green) that I put right behind my 
current layer and put it with less opacity (70% for example) and I also have 
to hide uppers layers.
It's a heavy process to have a visual result similar to a selection in Krita, 
except that here is not because I may paint some "unselected" pixels (this 
sentence isn't clear :/ )

Well, if it isn't clear, I should give some screenshots


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