Layer usuability idea

Thomas Zander zander at
Mon Nov 7 17:20:34 CET 2005

On Monday 07 November 2005 16:30, Mr YouP wrote:
> >Moving the mouse off of the preview square will make the image return
> > to normal.
> >  
> The idea of mouseover the preview seems to be fine, but I think this
> should be  :
> - unactivable (unless the operation is time transparent)

It being an immediate feedback is indeed the goal. No idea if that strokes 
with the data structuring krita already retains of the layers.

> - activable by another way (switch button/shortcut...) in order to be
> able to paint with this kind of display activated 

I would have a problem with this; I see no use case where it is usefull to 
have this permanently on screen.  To add this would additionally mean an 
extra mode of interaction.  I hate modes.
All use cases I know of are covered by the 3 points I started my previous 
email with.  If you know of a use case that is different, please point it 
out so we can factor that into the equation.

Thomas Zander
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