Layer usuability idea

Mr YouP mr.youp at
Sun Nov 6 14:12:40 CET 2005

Hi !

I'm still following Krita's developpment with ot of interrest. Thinking about 
it and about what annoying me in current painting software I'm using, I've 
got an idea which derivated of the way Krita handle selection.

It's about layers, when I'm painting on an image I very often paint on the 
"bad" layer (mean I though I was on a layer and actually I'm painting on the 
one just next to). So I said to myself, why not have a mode that display the 
current layer in the way that Krita display a selection (select part/layer in 
"clear", the other filtered by a light color). That should be an optionnal 
mode of course. We can also imagine that each layer could have is own color 
that we can figured in a second wich part of image own to which layer.

Just an idea I want to give...

Keep up the good works !

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