TODO: was, Re: An even more flexible convolution painter

Sven Langkamp longamp at
Fri May 27 14:50:10 CEST 2005

Am Freitag, 27. Mai 2005 15:24 schrieb Bart Coppens:
> On Friday 27 May 2005 15:13, Casper Boemann wrote:
> > You are talkin CMYK right ?
> Yes
> > That is actually as expected, since colorspace independence is not
> > something krita does best - yet
> Yes, I know. It was to illustrate that it would probably be not a good idea
> to include cmyk support in 1.4 (at least for the regular user). I was
> actually a bit surprised that so much _does_ work (more or less) already.
I think it's too late for cmyk in 1.4, but KOffice 1.4 is now branched so the 
cmyk features can be enabled in trunk an interested users can use subversion.

By the way: Which major changes do you plan for the next release?

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