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Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Sun May 22 22:34:06 CEST 2005

On Sunday 22 May 2005 22:25, Casper Boemann wrote:

> Yes but the force of this tool is manipulating selections. Oh and I think
> that in the future the move tool should not move selection - only entire
> layers
> Let moving of selections be handled by the transform tool.

That sounds good to me -- but it may be a thorny issue that would need real
testing with real users to resolve. What's more confusing? Having two tools
to move, one for selections, one for the entire layer, or having one tool to
move everything (layer + selection mask), and one to manipulate the selection.

> huh, thats perhabs when scaling an entire image but for smaller selections
> it works quickly enough here.

True; I may have been a little mean to try a 600 x 1000 pixels selection 
immediately. Can you add a hourglass icon while the tool is doing its thing?
That would give user feedback and help a lot, I think.

> > and especially with resizing, it's important to have user feed-back as to
> > dimensions -- which we cannot have without a new tool option panel.
> Yes an option panel needs to be added.

But that's not feasible for this version. The question is: is resizing/moving
without knowing the exact numbers good enough, or not? I'm not against having 
the tool in its current state (with hourglass + bugfix as per below) in Krita 
-- I think personally that it's useful enough.

> A selection should not be created if there isn't one to begin with.

Good -- do you think it'll be fixed before tomorrow evening?

> > Maybe we've just got enough code to start asking the
> > nice people from OpenUsability on some input -- Krita is now stable
> > enough not to crash all that much and polished enough to make opinions
> > possible.
> I like the idea, though I only JUST think we are ready to ask

It's a hard decision. Involve usability people at the design stage, and you 
need to know where you want to finish already. That's hard when you're 
essentially exploring a field and trying to wrap an application around your 
understanding, as I am with Krita -- involve them too late and there's too 
much code to change to make implementing good suggestions feasible. Given 
that there have been very useful suggestions for Karbon in an earlier stage, 
I guess that after 1.4 is released would be a good point to contact them and 
ask for help.

Boudewijn Rempt
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