Filter refactoring

Sven Langkamp longamp at
Sat Jul 16 13:14:10 CEST 2005

Am Freitag, 15. Juli 2005 23:15 schrieb Boudewijn Rempt:
> Another commit from hell... I'm done refactoring the filter plugin system,
> for now. Maybe we'll need something more sophisticated with factories and
> plugin versioning in the future, and there are a couple of gotcha's, like
> no progress for filters that use the convolution painter -- but nothing
> major. I hope. Oh, and the design of the menu's, which filter goes where,
> needs to be fine-tuned.
> This means I'm free to uninstall Krita trunk tomorrow morning and start
> backporting as many bugfixes as possible before Tuesday...
Now Krita crashes on startup

Using host libthread_db library "/lib/tls/".
[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
[New Thread 1099209344 (LWP 25311)]
[KCrash handler]
#7  0xffffffd8 in ?? ()
#8  0x44af4f95 in createFilter<KisWSEngineFilter> (view=0x8d507b8)
    at kis_filter.h:46
#9  0x44af49fe in WSEngineFilterPlugin (this=0x962a630, parent=0x8d507b8, 
    name=0x962edf0 "kritawsenginefilter")
at /home/sven/koffice/krita/modules/colorspace_ws/filter/
#10 0x44af6dd5 in KDEPrivate::ConcreteFactory<WSEngineFilterPlugin, 
QObject>::create (parent=0x8d507b8, name=0x962edf0 "kritawsenginefilter", 
    at kgenericfactory.tcc:167
#11 0x44af6d5d in KDEPrivate::ConcreteFactory<WSEngineFilterPlugin, 
QObject>::create (parentWidget=0x0, widgetName=0x0, parent=0x8d507b8, 
    name=0x962edf0 "kritawsenginefilter", 
    className=0x402463f3 "KParts::Plugin", args=@0xbfffe870)
    at kgenericfactory.tcc:132
#12 0x44af6c29 in KGenericFactory<WSEngineFilterPlugin, QObject>::createObject
    (this=0x962d2d0, parent=0x8d507b8, name=0x962edf0 "kritawsenginefilter", 
    className=0x402463f3 "KParts::Plugin", args=@0xbfffe870)
    at kgenericfactory.h:193
#13 0x40a99351 in KLibFactory::create () from /opt/kde3/lib/
#14 0x4023992f in KParts::Plugin::loadPlugin ()
   from /opt/kde3/lib/
#15 0x4023b481 in KParts::Plugin::loadPlugins ()
   from /opt/kde3/lib/
#16 0x4023b598 in KParts::PartBase::loadPlugins ()
   from /opt/kde3/lib/
#17 0x4023e651 in KParts::PartBase::setInstance ()
   from /opt/kde3/lib/
#18 0x40227381 in KParts::PartBase::setInstance ()
   from /opt/kde3/lib/
#19 0x41c225fb in KisView (this=0x8d507b8, doc=0x8212b18, adapter=0x8212bd4, 
    parent=0x8c6e990, name=0x400f6c93 "view")
    at /home/sven/koffice/krita/core/
#20 0x41c1f1d1 in KisDoc::createViewInstance (this=0x8212b18, 
    parent=0x8c6e990, name=0x400f6c93 "view")
    at /home/sven/koffice/krita/core/
#21 0x40079ed8 in KoDocument::createView (this=0x8212b18, parent=0x8c6e990, 
    name=0x400f6c93 "view")
    at /home/sven/koffice/lib/kofficecore/
#22 0x4009692f in KoMainWindow::setRootDocument (this=0x8c51b10, 
    at /home/sven/koffice/lib/kofficecore/
#23 0x4009f366 in KoApplication::start (this=0xbfffeee0)
    at /home/sven/koffice/lib/kofficecore/
#24 0x4001a301 in kdemain (argc=1, argv=0xbffff074)
    at /home/sven/koffice/krita/
#25 0x08048736 in main (argc=1, argv=0xbffff074) at kdeinit_krita.cpp:2

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