Painting on a temporary layer

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Sun Sep 26 21:37:16 CEST 2004

On Sunday 26 September 2004 16:59, Bart Coppens wrote:

> I thought about it, but I think there are too many objections to this
> approach: it doesn't really belong in KisImage, I'd probably have to remove
> it again later if I can use the undo as source, etc. Also, we'd be working
> around the problem instead of fixing it, because I think the current
> behaviour is wrong.

It's not something I would have problems with -- I'm a very iterative coder. 
Add a little bit, see that it works, add some more, replace the previous bit. 
I've been a sculptor, and I code like that. Add some wax or clay, scrape it 
away. It's all very plastic. (Note... I've had a very full meal, so I'm 
feeling philosophical :-).

> That's indeed a good idea, but after looking at kis_tile_command, I think
> this could get more difficult than I thought. The undo information is
> efficiently stored in an std::map object, so getting it back to use as a
> source for painting or making previews might be a challenge...

I think it'll pay to start thinking about meeting that challenge. It's another 
requirement for the pixel manager API we've discussed some time ago. (Casper, 
are you listening? Any progress?).

> As you might have seen, I committed an updated version of
> This version implements the 'fix' I mentioned in my
> last mail. To test out this code, you only have to uncomment the
> setUseTempLayer( true );

As far as I'm concerned, you can enable this by default. Slow and jumpy is 
better than not working correctly. If something works a little bit it's an 
incitement to others who feel irritated to fix it.

> lines in and in The only thing
> that doesn't quite work the way I expected is the duplicate tool: it
> appears a bit 'jumpy', but I have no idea why.

I'll experiment with it a bit, but I suspect some basic slowness.
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