Progress Info

Michael Thaler michael.thaler at
Tue Sep 21 23:37:49 CEST 2004


> I tried to add progress info to the scaling code. To do this I included
> kis_progress_subject.h in kis_paint_device.h and tried to derrive
> KisPaintDevice from KisProgressSubject as done in
> kis_gradient_painter.h and Unfortunately this does
> not work because both KisPaintDevice and KisProgressSubject are derrived
> from QObject. A possible solution would probably be to not inherit
> KisPaintDevice from QObject because KisProgressSubject is already derrived
> from QObject and so KisPaintDevice is derrived from QObject automatically.
> But somehow this looks clumsy and I think the better solution would be to
> move the scaling code (and also the rotating code, even if the function is
> still empty) to a visitor that is then derrived from KisProgressSubject. I
> have no clue how to do this, so can someone do this for me? That would be
> great!

I just read the chapter about visitors in the Design Patterns book and I think 
actually it is not that hard to put the scaling code into a visitor. I will 
try this tomorrow if noone else wants to do it.


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