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Tue Sep 7 22:39:58 CEST 2004

I've finished the paintop registry. Tools can now request a list of
available paint ops and offer them in their config widget. The one tool
where an actual downcast is needed is the filter tool, because of the config 
widget that needs to be passed to the paint operation. I think we need a more 
generalized interface to pass configuration options to paint ops -- if you 
take a look at the way brushes are defined in Corel Painter, it becomes clear 
that you can do a lot with a general engine (like the filter op) and a set of 
config options.

By the way, I'm thinking of moving the paint ops either to plugins, or to a
subdir of core; they are cluttering the core just as badly as the resources 
were. I wish C++ had a real package concept...

Anyway, the way is clear now for the proposal I mentioned earlier: the basic 
tools could be freehand, polygon, line, rectangle, ellipse, fill (pattern, 
gradient, color), with the option to enclose areas defined by polygon, 
rectangle, ellipse and freehand. All these tools can use the paint ops. We'd 
better call them 'brushes' in the UI, I guess. The brushes can have a brush 
shape: the current 'brushes' and 'autobrushes'. Other options are color, 
pattern and gradient. This can be made accessible by mimicking the version of 
Painter I've got on my powerbook. Take a look at:

But first, back to the selections. Oh, and I seem to have broken zooming, and
painting on zoomed layers. Note to self: unbreak that. If you can.

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