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Tue Sep 7 09:24:50 CEST 2004

I've added a selectedRect() method to KisSelection, so it's now possible to 
restrict operation like fill or paint or filter to the selected area, 
potentially giving us a bit of a performance win. Currently the selected rect
only grows, and if you select the 0,0 pixel and the layer.width(), 
layer.height() pixel your selected rect is as big as the layer. 

Oh, and I've added some code to make it possible to compose layers of 
different color models together. This made selections use significantly less 
memory, but I've still got a problem with the mask color -- I always seem
to get black out of KisColorSpaceAlpha::nativeColor().

For selections, the following still needs to be done:

* Fix mask color (see above)
* Code the connections for the selection options widget
* Fix rectangular/elliptical/filled freehand/polygon selection tools
  (Note: for that, first the polygon tool needs to be fixed, and
   filled modes for ellipse/rectangle/polygon tool needs to be written)
* Anchor selection to its parent layer so it moves with its parent
* Add clear/select everything/save/load selection options to menu
  (need to route signals through KisView)
* Re-do move selection tool (copy selected bits to KisFloatingSelection)
* Re-do paste tool
* Re-do cut/copy/paste/drag/drop
* Add use of selected rect to fill & gradient
* Create selection iterator
* Make bitBlt selection aware for filter/painting tools

And when that's done I can finally start on the select-by-color dialog
which was why I began working on selecctions.
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