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Sun Mar 14 22:21:19 CET 2004

On Sunday 14 March 2004 22:16, Cyrille Berger wrote:
> > 	- Support more than one active tool.
> What do you mean by that ?

If you have a graphics tablet (like the cheap Wacom Graphire), you actually
have three distinct pointers in X: your mouse, the tip of the pen, and the 
eraser end of the pen. It should be possible to associate each of these 
pointers with a specific tool. For instance, the mouse with freehand select,
the stylus with brush and the eraser with smudge. That gives you three active 
tools -- select, brush and eraser.

> A "filling tools" would be nice too.

Ha, yes! Of course -- and one that can use gradients and patterns. There's
already rectangular fill, but that code isn't usable for anything else. This 
is something that needs to be developed together with non-rectangular select, 
I guess.

> > 	- smoothscale (to be copied from QImage).
> There are some algo which are better than the one use in QImage, I am
> planning to implement them when I will have finish the iterator thing.

Cool -- it's your feature, then :-). Any progress on the iterator?

> > CORE
> And implement the iterators, I will have some times this week to code them.

Double-plus cool!

> > CODE
> > 	- Remove all unused code so we have a clean slate to continue
> > 	  with.
> And if someone know how to use valgrind for profiling, it could be usefull.

I think Adrian is our man :-). 

> > 	KOffice is moving towards the OASIS file format. However, from
> > 	a cursory inspection of the OASIS documents, it doesn't define
> > 	a raster graphics file format.
> How do they do for Impress and Draw ? They put jpeg files in the archive ?
> I don't have OOo on my computer, so I can't check.

I'm not sure, but I guess I should just ask David Faure directly, since he's 
closest to the fire.

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