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Cyrille Berger cyb at
Sun Mar 14 22:16:06 CET 2004

> 	- Support more than one active tool.
What do you mean by that ?

A "filling tools" would be nice too.

> 	- smoothscale (to be copied from QImage).
There are some algo which are better than the one use in QImage, I am planning 
to implement them when I will have finish the iterator thing.


And implement the iterators, I will have some times this week to code them.

> 	- Remove all unused code so we have a clean slate to continue
> 	  with.

And if someone know how to use valgrind for profiling, it could be usefull.

> 	KOffice is moving towards the OASIS file format. However, from
> 	a cursory inspection of the OASIS documents, it doesn't define
> 	a raster graphics file format.
How do they do for Impress and Draw ? They put jpeg files in the archive ? I 
don't have OOo on my computer, so I can't check.

--- Cyrille Berger ---

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