Sven Langkamp longamp at reallygood.de
Sun Mar 7 02:28:48 CET 2004

Am Saturday 06 March 2004 21:11 schrieb Boudewijn Rempt:
> On Saturday 06 March 2004 19:20, Adrian Page wrote:
> > Ok, I'll add an option to switch between the two.
> >
> > The 'blue bell peppers' and 'purple sunbursts' are actually the result of
> > some undefined behaviour on the part of the compiler. In:
> >
> > qRgba(255 - m_data[k++], 255 - m_data[k++], 255 - m_data[k++],
> >   255 - m_data[k++])
> >
> > the compiler is allowed to evaluate the arguments to qRgba() in any order
> > it likes, not necessarily left to right. So the value of k used in each
> > argument might not be what you expected. I'm pretty sure I've had purple
> > sunbursts at one point, but currently I get green ones. :-)
> >
> :-). Well, they mostly took the colour of the foreground colour, with alpha
> giving them shape.
> > On the question of options, where are things like this going to go?
> > Currently there's a 'Current Tool Properties' dialog that is opened from
> > the Settings menu. There's also the 'Tool Properties' dockbar that shows
> > the current colours, brush, pattern and gradient. That could be used to
> > put options on for the current tool. Or will we have a separate dockbar
> > for each tool? Or is something better already planned?
> That's a good point... As Sven notes, some time in the future, we'll have
> more than one active tool (mouse pointer, stylus, eraser, perhaps even more
> for people with a really posh wacom pad who have extra stylusses - Qt
> supports it.)
> However, for the moment we should choose between the toolbar options dialog
> (almost every tool already can create that dialog, only they're empty) or a
> docker. I'd prefer a docker that the tool can fill with a widget that shows
> the options.
> I think it should be separate from the the brush/pattern/gradient docker, a
> docker of its own.
Ok I commit an option widget which can be plug into a docker. Currently there 
is only a dummy widget for the brush tool, where you can add the real one. I 
also enabled it by default.

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