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Fri Mar 5 20:19:27 CET 2004

On Friday 05 March 2004 19:17, Sven Langkamp wrote:

> -testing
> -creating dialogs with designer
> -developer documentation
> -filters and tools

Well... I'm not sure that there are, at this moment many tasks that are simple 
and self-contained enough for a Quality Team to work on. 

Testing is nice, but, well, there are still so many obvious and known bugs 
(try drawing at the left or top edges, for instance) that having someone 
enumerate them is merely duplication of effort. 

The old Krita dialogs are for the greater part really obsolete, and new ones 
depend on where we go with design and UI.

As for developer documentation -- that's not a simple task. I've been working 
on it, and while I acknowledge that I probably would fit right in with the 
rest of quality team as regards prior knowledge of C++ or this application 
domain, I've noticed that it's quite hard to fathom Krita's innards. Anyway, 
it's not something I'd be inclined to palm off to someone who doesn't intend 
to start working on Krita for real.

And the last -- we're sitting pretty with filters, because of ImageMagick. 
Adding and EXR filter would be a good idea, but it also demands a thorough 
reworking of Krita's design.

So, in the end, I'm not sure that we're having many jobs going at the moment; 
when we're nearing V1.0, it's going to be critical to:

test dialogs for shortcuts and consistency
test tools
compare docs and app (and write docs...)
test on various pieces of hardware

But having people do that right now would perhaps be slightly premature.
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