Hi - I'm new...

Saem Ghani saem-ghani at shaw.ca
Sat Jul 31 02:32:00 CEST 2004

Sorry about the delay just dealing with real life.  I'm having some issues 
with KDevelop and getting Krita working -- and documentation isn't quite 

At first, I just downloaded the Krita module from CVS, but that didn't seem to 
work, I gather that was due to KOffice depedencies -- I should have known.  
So next I got the entire KOffice source including all the modules.  At this 
point I checked out the wiki page which describes how to develop Koffice or 
one of it's modules within KDevelop - kword to be specific.  What I found odd 
is that they had a section where one would make and install it.  I already 
have KOffice installed (via freebsd pkg from the fruitsalad project) and the 
sources (from the cvs as described earlier), if there are dependencies I 
imagine that they will be appropriately compiled on an as needed basis.  So 
in anycase, I imported the entire KOffice source directory as a KDE project 
(automake) via the import project wizard within KDevelop (I'm using the 
latest non beta).  After that I checked out the automake manager and it 
didn't show me anything of relavence, for instance, I could activate any of 
the subprojects or anything of that nature as stated within the wiki.

I'm avoiding going through the wiki's entire method of doing things for two 
reasons, one is time, I'm working on a PII 266 and I'd rather not wait for a 
few days for the makes.  Secondly and more importantly, is a physical barrier 
where I don't think I have the HDD space, though, there might be two 9gig 10k 
RPM SCSI drives in the stars for me, so that might change.

Thanks in advance, and please forgive my ignorance, but I have to start 
somewhere and sometime.

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