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Cyrille Berger cyb at lepi.org
Mon Jul 26 14:49:02 CEST 2004

> That would be good for consistency within KDE, but I feel that it would be
> not so well suited to a paint application. Kivio's auto-popup dockers are
> visually nice, but still have a few bugs, as well as usability issues. For
> Krita I would like to stay within Qt land until we move to Qt 4.0, when the
> issue will be different again. Until that time, dragging tabs from docker
> to docker is an easy win: it makes Krita work a bit more like Photoshop,
> making it more usable to people used to that particular application, and it
> isn't too hard to do.

Yes but, you can configure KDockMainWindow to behave like this, look at kate, 
by default in KDE 3.2, it uses the "ideal" mode, but you can configure it to 
use "Tab page mode", which is the standard behavior for KDockMainWindow, and 
which is exactly what you want.

--- Cyrille Berger ---

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