Fixed painting on transparent layers

Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Sun Jan 25 16:47:06 CET 2004

On Sun, 25 Jan 2004, Leonard Rosenthol wrote:

> 	The compositing code in IM/GM supports all but two of the
> GIMPs layer compositing modes (I know because I added a few when I
> did the XCF support for IM/GM).   There is commented code (or at
> least used to be, haven't looked in a while) for doing the other two
> modes - just never got around to finishing.

Thanks -- I've checked out GM and done a diff of composite.c. I think
that it has most of what I need at the moment. One thing I still don't
quite get. I had supposed that you'd need different composition algorithms
for different colour models, but I cannot find them, even though I have
found support for CMYK in GM/IM.

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