Iterators, selection and a few broken things for now

Casper Boemann cbr at
Sat Dec 25 11:41:27 CET 2004

That depends on when the featurefreeze before 1.4  is invoked.

I expect that my branch would be ready for merging by newyear, but actual
merging would offcourse also take some effort.

My next commit would come later today, From then on it would be nice if you
would comment or work on my iterators, so that the rest of krita wont rely
on an interface that we would change later.

With my next commit, display will also be back online in the branch although
any modifying of the data would still be disabled. That would have to wait
for the next couple of commits to come back online as well.

Also, Boudewijn said that the current iterators should be adapters for the
new iterators.
I hadn't though it like that, but there is some nice encapsulation in that.
(that is, the new iterators know nothing of KisPixel etc). That is only
added with the current iterators. I'm not entirely convinced that it is the
right thing to have two layers of iterators, but it is certainly worth

best regards

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> will your change be available for koffice 1.4 ? If so I will stop working
> iterators and selection for the moment.
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