Iterators, selection and a few broken things for now

Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Fri Dec 24 12:11:49 CET 2004

On Friday 24 December 2004 12:02, Cyrille Berger wrote:

> will your change be available for koffice 1.4 ? If so I will stop working
> on iterators and selection for the moment.

I don't think that would be doable for Casper. Feature freeze for KOffice 1.4 
is going to come quite soon -- I think I remember end of January, and 
Casper's stuff breaks too many things to realistically fix before then. 
Casper's stuff is more a long term thing, which is why it's in an 
experimental branch.

Krita really, really, really, no matter what, needs to be included in that 
release, because otherwise we might have to wait for KOffice 1.5. I've got a 
small list of features I want to have started and things I want to have done 
before then:

* Color management (+ cmyk color model) -- this is very nearly done, except
  for import/export, which is harder.
* Last steps for selections (iterators, fixing the clear action, filling in
  some gaps like selection by colour).
* Tool UI redesign (make the paint op a variable for freehand, line etc. 
  tools, instead of separate tools). Bugfixes and some gap-filling here.
* A bird's eye overview in the info docker -- I copied some code from Kivio,
  but it doesn't work (or even compile) yet.
* Some general spit & polish in the UI and in the code, bug fixing, 
I guess that during the entire lifetime of KOffice 1.4, Krita will use the 
current tile system/iterators and pixel definitions. When Casper's branch is
ready, we'll merge that with HEAD -- that will be the basis of Krita for 
KOffice 1.5.

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