Autolayers & datamanager

Bart Coppens kde at
Fri Dec 24 14:53:16 CET 2004

Quoting Casper Boemann <cbr at>: 
> Bart has developed a infinite iterator. I have outcommented it (It wasn't  
> really used much), but the underlying idea is good. However my intention is  
> to have an infinite paint_device instead to do the same job. Perhabs, you  
> Bart could come with some insights as to how to go about this. This 
> inifinite paint_device would also be useful as a replacement (or rather 
> underlying structure) for the KisBackground. 
The only use of the infinite iterator is, as far as I know, the floodfill 
code, where it is used to fill an area with a pattern. The workings of it are 
very simple: it checks if it tries iterating over the boundaries of the 
underlying device, and resets the current position accordingly. 
If this infinite paint_device would act the same way, it could probably just 
use the same idea of resetting the position when accessing positions that are 
outside the 'real' image boundaries. 
Bart Coppens 

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