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Casper Boemann cbr at
Sat Dec 18 17:29:16 CET 2004

On Saturday 18 December 2004 17:00, Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
> > But first a little background: Until now the layers had fixed sizes, and
> > the user had to resize them. With the new system the layers or indeed any
> > paint_device have size 0x0 to start with and then whenever painting is
> > done the paint_device automatically grows.
> Unlimitedly, or to the size of the image? And what happens when a layer is
> moved?
unlimitdly (or what can be with in 32 bit coords), and when moved the data 
just lies offset. You could move the layer several thousands pixels to say 
the left so your original pixels aren't visible on the image. You could then 
paint something else on the part of the layer that is now within the image. 
and if you drag the layer back voila the original paintings would be visible 
again. This is also how photoshop works.

And all this without allocating memory for all the pixels inbetween, thanks to 
the new tile system.

> > what about rotate,scale and such. My suggestion is that these kind of
> > operations should work on selections.
> Also on selections, but we need to be able to rotate, scale, shear the
> complete image or a complete layer. If that means that the layer extends
> beyond the image dimensions, we should show that in the user interface but
> not autocrop the layer data nor just not show that it's still there. Paint
> it on the background, or something like that.

Sure entire image transforms should be possible, that has always been my 
intention. What I didn't think of was that it implies transforming entire 
layers as well. So, this is a case where using the extent of the paint_device 
comes in handy anyway.

And the rotation point / mirror axis should be the center of the image not the 
center of the individual layer. That way it seems natural to the user.

But when transforming selections it should be around the center of the 
selection. That is what the user would expect in that case.
best rregards
Casper Boemann

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