Krayon Documentation

Shawn Gordon
Tue, 28 Nov 2000 07:18:44 -0800

If you are just interested in making the doc available to anyone that wants 
to do anything with it, then the BSD/MIT is a good way to go, or nothing at 
all.  Are there restrictions you are interested in applying to the doc?

At 12:04 AM 11/28/2000, you wrote:
>I'm working on the Krayon handbook. Hopefully I can have a complete first
>draft available in a month or two, pending the holidays. But a question for
>the group, and primarily for the developers and contributors.
>The sample template handbook (kapp) indicates that the GNU Free Documentation
>License should be used for all KDE docs. And indeed, most applications
>released with KDE2 use this license. But none of the KOffice applications do
>that I can see.
>Reading over the GFDL, is initially seems like overkill for an application
>handbook, and better suited for references, larger manuals and for-profit
>texts. But I will reserve my final opinion for later.
>I'm leaning towards both the GFDL (for convention) and a BSD/MIT license or
>short permission statement (for simplicity). Ultimately it will be up to me
>to license my own creative works, but I would like to know more on what those
>most interested in Krayon (this list) feel.
>David Johnson
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Shawn Gordon