Hello - I'm your new Krayon maintainer

John Califf jcaliff@compuzone.net
Fri, 17 Nov 2000 14:13:30 -0500

Sorry about tardiness in joining this list, but I've been the Krayon
maintainer for the past 2 months.  The project is now in a very stable
and usable state - quite impressive.  What's in koffice cvs is not what
it was, though the basic infrastructure and engine has been maintained.
Of course many features are missing yet, and you will find bugs.  But no
showstoppers any more. I've made two big commits over the past 45 days
which fixed the worst bugs and implemented many incomplete or missing
features.  You can load and save in native format, import and export,
etc. Please refer to my posts at koffice and koffice-dev on these

One thing I'd like to do is to update the KImageshop web page at
koffice.org to reflect the current state of the project and the current
participants and contacts.  We could use a few more coders and at least
one primary documentation writer.  I'd be happy to update the web page
myself within the next week, but the person responsible for the entire
koffice site should be involved in maintaining it or at least approving
changes made.

If you are at all interested in a great painting app in the making for
kde and koffice then compile the code from kde cvs (main branch) or the
snapshots and give krayon (kimageshop) a try.  Please post any changes
you intend to make to the code here for discussion first.  I will also
do the same with any changes I propose from now on, giving others a
chance to comment and make improvements.  If you don't have cvs write
access and want to work on the code I can commit things for you or you
can ask Stephan Kulow for access. 

I had previously posted notices at koffice because that list was more
active, and krayon is a koffice app. But, I think the project will
attract a lot of interest soon and I really should give this list a
chance to become more active.

I'll be making a big announcement at kdedot.org (the news site) early
next week, before Thanksgiving, and also posting screenshots and blurbs
at my web site:    


Check the site around Monday and you'll be impressed. These screenshots
really should go at the koffice site but it may take a while for the
koffice site to get updated, etc.

Any comments, suggestions, and gripes are welcome.  But direct
involvement is best.  We also need suggestions from artists and other
potential users who are not coders.  

Thank you,

John Califf