WebCore 146

Zack Rusin zack at kde.org
Sat Jul 3 18:57:17 CEST 2004


so some of us got it today and we diffed... And it diffed and diffed. 
Quite frankly it might still be diffing.

Is there any reason why you decided against sending the incremental 
patches (around middle December if my memory serves) ? 

I mean we're not expecting you to do what your GCC people are doing, but 
you have to understand that our chances of merging those things are 
less than remote right now.

We don't have _anyone_ hired to work on khtml, even half-time... Every 
person who contributed code to khtml has at least few times as much 
other code he/she has to maintain in KDE cvs. Most of us do it all in 
spare time anyway. 

So it's really unfortunate that you decided to go this route. I'm 
assuming that you simply decided to not work with us at all besides 
merging only the new features from our tree.

Even the ChangeLog isn't helpful anymore, because it simply lacks 
motiviation for most of the changes (you know yourself that without 
testcases, rdar://123456 references are hardly of any value). We're 
assuming that the <canvas> addition is for dashboard but again, we just 
don't know.

Is there any way we'd get at least explanation of your motiviation for 
implementing some of the major features in 146? 

And what about the incremental patches? I'm assuming that's a done deal. 
Even though to be honest I don't see how CC'ing khtml-devel on every 
change would bother anyone. 

We did create a khtml-cvs mailing list for you... I know you once said 
that you reference some proprietary sites in your ChangeLog and have to 
remove them before releases but writting a script which wouldn't be 
propagating changes to changelog for a mailing list like 
webcore-khtml-cvs could be, would be trivial. Every one of the people 
on this list would gladly write it for you if you don't have time. Just 
to see those patches incrementally.


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