[Kexi] SQL Queries in Kexi

Ken Hess kenneth.hess at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 16:15:00 CET 2008

That works for SELECT but what about INSERT, etc? I tried an INSERT but it
says the query is incorrect but it works in the sqlite> CLI.

On 1/31/08, Jarosław Staniek <js at iidea.pl> wrote:
> Ken Hess said the following, On 2008-01-31 15:47:
> > How do you execute SQL queries in Kexi? I see how to enter them and
> check
> > them for accuracy but there isn't any where to execute them.
> > This kind of thing should be standard,...like using INSERT for multi
> record
> > insertion or regular queries.
> Use "Switch to data view mode" toggle button.
> There are currently no so-called "functional" queries supported in Kexi
> (parser currently supporting SELECTs will have to support INSERTs, UPDATEs
> as
> well, and ideally, the GUI will have to somewhat display preview of the
> results).
> So you should use external tools like the ksqlite console.
> It is safer to close the Kexi file or at least the table (of form) before
> running SQL commands that modify already opened and loaded data.
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