5.6.1 KDE Widget Style

Simon Walter simon at explicit.technology
Wed Jul 7 17:10:12 BST 2021

On 2021-07-07 23:32, René J.V. Bertin wrote:
> On Wednesday July 07 2021 21:55:11 Simon Walter wrote:
>> My distribution has version 5.0.3. I started using the AppImage because
>> there are a lot of fixes and useful improvements in the newer versions.
> If you're using KDevelop you probably have a (C++) development environment set up. KDevelop is pretty conservative in its Qt5 and KF5 requirements, so maybe you can build it from source. I think you'll find that gives you better performance, in addition to a smoother experience.
> While I'd be flattered if the KDevelop AppImage included QtCurve instead of Breeze I think that's highly unlikely (or due to a strange glitch). The most likely style that you end up with if NOT breeze is Fusion. Note however that your description of the cursor does remind me of the flat, monochrome "artwork" that's also part of Breeze (AFAIK).
> R

Yes, it probably is Fusion. I think that's it. I forget about that one.

The mouse behavior is also different. So maybe a OS package vs AppImage
included libs incompatibility/version change?

I'm not fussed enough to build it. I would first of all need to clone my
system and see about what packages I need to remove and add, etc. I
can't risk any downtime on my workstations especially wrt libc, gcc and
other libraries.

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