soft editor freezes (no cursor, no keyboard input)?

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Tue Oct 8 08:29:23 BST 2019


For a long time I have been seeing episodes with KDevelop on Mac where all of a sudden the editor would no longer react to keystrokes and I had to move focus to another application and back again in order to regain full control. I don't really know what triggers it but it seems to occur mostly after coming back out of patch review mode.

I've always put this off to a quirk in something Mac-related (I think I never even saw it when running KDevelop under XQuartz, the Mac X11 server).

Just now I had the same thing happening on Linux (with a build of the 5.4 branch head). In addition the cursor disappeared and menubar items didn't show their usual reaction to having the cursor over them. I brought a Konsole to the front to check for a deadloop with `top` and that unblocked the situation in KDevelop just as described for Mac above.
In this case I *think* I had just seen a code-related pop-up, in any case I had been following class inheritance via the context browser pop-ups.

I don't use Kate so I cannot say if it is affected or not.

Has anyone seen something like this?


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