cmake composer?

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Fri Oct 4 11:10:43 BST 2019

On Friday October 04 2019 11:01:09 Kevin Funk wrote:

>It does:

Sorry, indeed. I meant apart from those ;)

>> Does KDE have any tools that can at least create a minimal skeleton CMake
>> file?
>Personally I usually start by copying a CMakeLists.txt file from a project 

Me too. Until today I didn't feel like digging up an appropriate template, fired up cmake-gui expecting it to have a similar feature set as the doxygen GUI (which it doesn't), and then finally thought I'd ask here.

>There's no "one-fits-all" CMakeLists.txt obviously.


I have too little experience with QtCreator to know if it can generate qmake or qbs files (qmake does have a project generation feature, IIRC). But "the" IDEs from "the other" desktop platforms (MSVC and Xcode) both allow you to create a project from scratch in the IDE, without need for hand-coding. It'd be nice if KDevelop had something similar for the most common project specification chores; it should certainly help people who have little to no experience with this aspect of software development. Maybe a nice GSoC project?


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