Is there a kdevelop-user list?

José Antonio Martínez Escobedo dracllop at
Fri May 3 11:13:33 BST 2019

Hello evrybody!
I'm trying to write C++17 ISO, but I dont know how to it with Kdevelop
neither CMake
If someone knows how to do it I will sincerely aprecied!

El mar., 30 abr. 2019 a las 14:40, René J.V. Bertin (<rjvbertin at>)

> On Tuesday April 30 2019 14:11:30 Milian Wolff wrote:
> >Nowadays, not sure how it was in that archaic version of KDevelop, you
> just
> >hover an parse error over a failing #include and then select the fixit
> which
> >opens up the project configuration. There, you add the include paths that
> are
> >missing and then reparse the file/project.
> How quickly one forgets :)
> The project configuration dialog existed in earlier versions too
> (right-click on the project in the project manager then "Open
> Configuration", or that same command in the Project menu). You'll then see
> a "Custom Defines and Includes" tab, probably the 1st in the list.
> R.
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