KDevelop is nice but...

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Tue Feb 12 09:10:45 GMT 2019


any help on making KDevelop better is very welcome!

On Tuesday, 12 February 2019 01:26:52 CET Praise wrote:
> 1) I cannot see what file are modified or need an update on git. CLion makes
> me see file names in a different color.

The VCS code is a little convoluted, but that sounds useful and doable.

> 3) Sometimes, when I write code, next line ‘{‘ is put after 2 chars, not
> after a single tab as I have configured.

Never seen this, guess one would need to figure out the exact case it happens 
in first :/

> 4) When creating a new cpp file I would really love to select CMake’s target
> to add it immediately, and to add it to git.

We once had code modifying cmake files, but I think it died together with the 
cmake-parser-based cmake support ...
The simple case may be realistic to get right, in the general case cmake is a 
very complex language to modify automatically.

> 5) In the indentation configuration form, if I set the tab width to 8, two
> tabs are inserted, regardless editor’s configuration tab width.


> 6) noexcept is consistently lost when implementing function in cpp, after
> having defined them as noexcept. I mean, when I try to implement a function
> using autocompletion to write the function name and signature.

There were several similar fixes over time, this should also be doable.

> 8) Using QT5 signal/slot mechanism, if the signal is defined in the base
> class, it is reported as an error.

Never seen this ...?

> 9) Sometimes a pointer to a QOBject child, used to “connect”, is reported as
> “not convertible to Qobject*”.

I think this is similar to https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=393779 ... 
usually has to do with some clang setup issue

> 10) Is there a vi input mode?

Yes ;) Edit -> Input Modes

Would be great to see some patches from you!

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