KDevelop is nice but...

Praise praise.tazio at tiscalinet.it
Tue Feb 12 00:26:52 GMT 2019

Hi all,

I have been using Kdevelop for a while, but I think it still have something that needs to be fixed to become my favorite IDE, 
so I wanted to share with you, before eventually opening a bug. Maybe I am missing some setting.

1) I cannot see what file are modified or need an update on git. CLion makes me see file names in a different color.

2) I really wish that formatting had a global default and then a project dependent configuration.

3) Sometimes, when I write code, next line ‘{‘ is put after 2 chars, not after a single tab as I have configured.

4) When creating a new cpp file I would really love to select CMake’s target to add it immediately, and to add it to git.

5) In the indentation configuration form, if I set the tab width to 8, two tabs are inserted, regardless editor’s configuration tab width.

6) noexcept is consistently lost when implementing function in cpp, after having defined them as noexcept. I mean, 
when I try to implement a function using autocompletion to write the function name and signature.

7) Sometimes the signature is reported different, just because I have no variable name in the definition.

8) Using QT5 signal/slot mechanism, if the signal is defined in the base class, it is reported as an error.

9) Sometimes a pointer to a QOBject child, used to “connect”, is reported as “not convertible to Qobject*”.

10) Is there a vi input mode?

I have not yet tried debugging, but Kdevelop shows a lot more potential of what it currently has. I don't know whether
there is a plan to change anything.
I would not mind to approach KDevelop development, even if it does look like a time consuming tasks.
However, I would love to have some feedback from this list before that.

Kind regards,

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