Is there a kdevelop-user list?

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Fri Apr 26 14:14:59 BST 2019

On Friday April 26 2019 08:42:54 rhkramer at wrote:

>(Not the question, but I'll work towards that end by eventually upgrading 
>Jessie -- I don't feel very confident installing new software by compiling.  

You could begin by building KDevelop 4.7.2 first, if you don't want to build a recent Qt5 and all KF5 dependencies for KDevelop 5.x yourself.
Just do `sudo apt-get build-dep kdevelop` to install all build dependencies, and grab the .tar.xz files from my PPA; unpack them as required and then run dpkg-buildpackage on kdevplatform followed by kdevelop to generate a series of .deb files for what should be more or less the latest KDevelop 4.7 version. Contact me off-list if you need more info.

Or, download the latest KDevelop appimage, which should run on your system.

>(The one more question) I'm fairly sure it is not the cmake system based on a 

>From what I can see, Scite uses GTk2 and thus more than likely the traditional configure/make approach (if it hasn't been ported to meson).
Given that, it will depend on what you expect from the code parser whether or not the use of a 4.7 KDevelop version will handicap you; I don't think there has been much improvement in the support of autoconf/automake-based projects.

Note that KDevelop is not an IDE that imposes its own compiler, linker etc. : it doesn't evoke those directly. Instead it will call make or ninja, which will then call whatever compiler you configured when you called the configure script (which you will have to do yourself). In other words, you could very well build inside KDevelop if you really want (personally I only do that when I run into build errors and want to have a clickable error message that takes me to the offending location).


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