cmake and auto-generated sources

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Tue Oct 9 12:28:20 BST 2018

On Tuesday October 09 2018 13:01:26 Kevin Funk wrote:

>unfortunately it's still not directly related to KDevelop development.

Which is why I wasn't posting on the devel ML.

>Furthermore, it's particularly not interesting to the KDevelop *Users* mailing 
>list. Please refrain from posting further diary-style mails to this list.

?! This is about *using* KDevelop, not any other IDE that happens to use CMake instead of spinning its own project configuration cum build approach. Where else would I post about this and possibly get feedback from fellow users? You are not the only user on this list so please don't tell other users what they should or should not find interesting; just disregard posts that don't concern you. Everyone else apparently does (including me).
But whatever, I wasn't exactly planning to keep sharing to the void anyway.

>I'll repeat myself, but I don't think a Intel Celeron N3150 is up for the task 
>for e.g. continuously working on big projects like KDevelop or LLVM (as you 
>do). Do yourself a favor and upgrade. Get a more powerful desktop box if 
>necessary (cheaper). I also remember you using a SSHD -- get a SSD. Use Ninja 
>files to achieve fast incremental builds, etc. pp..

Neither budget nor space for that - and ninja's supposed performance advantages have never been apparent to me (it's just less flexible in practice).


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